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What is the Speed?
Our quoted speeds are the "throttled" rate.  Each plan includes a bursting feature that allows significantly more bandwidth for the burst duration.  Larger bursts are allowed for higher tier services. (Currently nobody is throttled! But TLCB does reserve the right to maintain a well-managed Network for all of their customers!)


Monthly Service Charges: Download/Upload

Residential Packages

256kb/256kb $15.99 per month
512kb/256kb $21.99 per month
1.0Mb/384kb $29.99 per month
2.0Mb/500kb $44.99 per month
3.0Mb/1.0Mb $64.99 per month

Business Packages

1.0Mb/512kb$69.99 per month
2.0Mb/1.0Mb $94.99 per month
3.0Mb/1.0Mb $149.99 per month
5.0Mb/2.0Mb $249.99 per month

Grain Dryer Monitor service $15.99 per month

Basic Installation/Initialization Fees: $149.99  NOW for a limited time $95.00

Our basic installation includes mounting of one wireless radio on the eve of the service location, a single wire run of not more than 50 feet on the exterior of the service location, and a single interior jack for the purpose of connecting a single computer or router. We use outdoor-rated Cat5 cable, fastened neatly and discreetly beneath the eve of the roof.

Additional wire runs or attic wire runs or basement wire runs are an additional $49 each.

If a pole is required to elevate the wireless radio, there is an additional cost relative to the height of the pole which is installed.


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